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Celebrating and promoting creativity and craftsmanship in Nottinghamshire

It is about people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style; whose work is their life. It’s about telling stories of dedication.

The online site offers regular news, recommendations and interviews with those who embody the Hole & Corner lifestyle – and offers the opportunity to buy products from our featured makers or join them at live events where you can see their unique skills up close and even try your hand at workshops and learn from the best.

Based in Hucknall, New Art Riot is a Social Enterprise aimed at supporting and promoting Nottinghamshire based creatives in the fields of art, photography, music, literature and craft by giving them exposure as they begin their way into these very difficult and competitive areas.


At the moment we are starting with and online magazine an Facebook community to help gather people together and help them showcase their talents and provide a community of self help and advice.  Our magazine is purely promotional and is not a sales  or advertising portal.  We want creatives in Nottinghamshire to promote their latest work, projects exhibitions, writing and creations with us and Nottinghamshire.


In the future we are also going to be providing short course in subjects such as social media, web design, photography and film making basics that can help to promote their work and set them on a journey. We are also looking at setting up events in conjunction with New Art Riot.


New Art Riot provide a number of discounted services for these creatives in Web Design, Photography, film-making and marketing and this is how we will finance the project with some extra funding to keep our project advert free and clean.


We also rely on volunteers for extra website content such as bloggers, content editors, and interviewers. If you feel you can help please get in touch, we really do need your help to get this off the ground.


We hope that you can join us to help make a difference, either for you and your work, or for others and look forward to seeing you.





Looking For Volunteers

Can you help?  We’re looking for people to help build this project as there are only two of us at the moment and we would really like to make this build.  We’re looking for bloggers in the particular fields helping to give advice and to showcase artists and even just to babble along about their own lives in the creative Nottingham world.


We are also looking with people who can help with the website, our Facebook Community and general marketing.

If you are Interested visit our Contributors page for more information